The company structure

The history of our group began in 1952 when Scart was founded, devoting itself to the manufacture of small size boxes. Our know-how in the packaging eld has constantly improved, thanks to the management’s foresight and to their perseverance in searching for new materials and processing techniques.

In the 80s Scart reconverted its plant, initially specializing in the production of heavy-duty cardboard packaging and, later on it set up the carpentry workshop S.T.I.L srl for the production of r and plywood packaging.

Scart Imballaggi is part of Scart Group group which, from Casentino, has expanded and now it has 32.000 m2 indoor plants placed over 180.000 m2, can rely on over 120 employees ready to meet the clients’ needs. With our 3 main companies located in di erent parts of the country we can o er a customized service focusing our attention on nding the best ratio between our clients’ needs and packaging costs. At the same time we guarantee high quality standards, quick service and exibility.